I love going to Stacy's yoga classes.  She has a strong knowledge of how the athlete's body works and she incorporates this into her practice.  I love her  inclusive emphasis on self, relationships, and the way we relate to our environment.  She is an excellent and engaged teacher.
-Brittany B
Thanks for leading such a great yoga class. For what it's worth, you are really good at what you do, and we are fortunate to practice yoga with you every week!
– Matt M

Before corporate yoga I would get frustrated at work and wasn't able to center myself. The work weeks felt too long without a break in between. It was easy to get caught up in the stress or the environment you are in.

Since we have been working together, I have something to look forward to in my week...I am doing a lot better with managing my stress and anxiety. Most importantly, I feel a greater peace within myself.
 - Madi


Kid’s Yoga Kid’s yoga is for children ages 4-12. It aims to empower children with the tools and skills of yoga. Kids will learn how to self regulate and self stimulate using their breath, how to move and support their bodies, as well as calm themselves when they are overstimulated. Kid’s yoga is about empowering children with the understanding that they have the ability to create a positive and profound change on the planet. Children are messengers for animals and the planet, and they have the ability to speak from the heart. In yoga, this is considered intelligence, and kid’s yoga is about empowering children with this cognizance.



Mountain Yoga Sandy

Wed (Hot) 6:30-7:45 pm

Sat (Hot) 10:00-11:15 am


Vinyasa is a style of yoga that links movement and breath, cultivating life-force energy or prana in the practitioner. Earthflow’s Vinyasa uses the breath to create a deeper meditative portal, allowing the practitioner to embark on a moving meditation and exploration of their inner world. In Vinyasa, you can expect to build strength, increase lung capacity, hone alignment, and fine tune balance. Vinyasa aims to push the practitioner past the place of comfort and into a place where resistance is experienced physically and mentally. The Vinyasa practitioner learns to recognize the state of resistance and gains the ability to relax in its presence. Vinyasa yoga empowers the practitioner with tools to navigate challenges with greater ease and flow.



Mountain Yoga Sandy

Sun 4:20-5:35 pm

Momentum Climbing Gym Sandy

Thursday 7:15-8:15 pm


Vin-Yin is a restorative class focused on slowing down, releasing tension, and moving into a more relaxed and peaceful state. In Vin-Yin, expect a slower, more gentle pace, centered around spinal alignment and support. In this style of yoga, the breath becomes a vehicle for deeper relaxation and restoration. If you are tired, sore, healing from an injury, or new to yoga, Vin-Yin might be a good choice for you.


Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy



Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are private one-on-one sessions used to address deeper, emotional healing. In these sessions we dig deep into the subconscious to identify dysfunctional pain patterns and belief systems for the purpose of healing. All of us have patterns of conditioning that play out in our lives unconsciously. These patterns surface as addictions, excess weight, illness, self-destructive behavior, and/or conflict in our relationships. We want to be happier and freer in our lives, but unresolved emotions and negative belief systems/patterns prevent us from experiencing the peace and happiness we seek. These sessions guide clients deeper into their unconscious, for the purpose of greater awakening and empowerment in their lives.


Corporate Yoga and Wellness



Corporate Yoga is an onsite yoga for business and corporations who want to boost their employees' health and well-being. Classes are offered before or after work and during lunch to provide employees a chance to move, stretch, and release stress and tension.

In addition to onsite yoga, we offer Wellness Programs for Conscious Businesses who are committed to the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit). We create custom-tailored wellness programs designed to inspire and engage employees in their work role and life. Grow your business from the inside out and transform your work place into a Conscious Work-Play.