The Conscious Work-Play

Corporate Yoga is an onsite yoga for business and corporations who want to boost their employees' health and well-being. Classes are offered before or after work and during lunch to provide employees a chance to move, stretch, and release stress and tension.

In addition to onsite yoga, we offer Wellness Programs for Conscious Businesses who are committed to the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit). We create custom-tailored wellness programs designed to inspire and engage employees in their work role and life. Grow your business from the inside out and transform your work place into a Conscious Work-Play.

With P3 Utah

“Before yoga I would get frustrated at work and wasn't able to center myself. The

work weeks felt too long without a break in between. It was easy to get caught up in the stress or

the environment you are in.

My frustration was that I needed a better break at work. There is always a lot to do and it's hard

to feel rested after a lunch break. I was frustrated that I didn't have an outlet.

Since we have been working together, I have something to look forward to in my week. I am able

to pin point my feelings more, mediate on my own when needed, and have better coping

mechanisms for when I am stressed. Besides that, you build a social structure of support and you

are able to talk to your coworkers outside of the work environment. It's also very beneficial to

have great yoga teachers that provide insight on your overall well-being.

I am doing a lot better with managing my stress and anxiety. Most importantly, I feel a greater

peace within myself. Thank you."

- Madeline Camp