Spring Equinox

Hellow Fellow Travlers and Way Fareres, I hope this message finds you inspired and awakened with the energy of Spring.
Spring time is a powerful time to awaken from the illusions that have kept us frozen and stuck in patterns of separation, oppression, survival and fear. What used to be comfortable and safe is becoming increasingly less and less comfortable and we are being pulled forward on the journey to discover and reclaim the truth of who we are. We are awakening from a long history of domination, control and illusion that has separated us from one another, from ourselves and from source. It’s time to Awaken from our past and reclaim our individual and collective power.
Everything in this world moves in cycles. The end of one cycle gives birth to a new one and this time of year provides a powerful opportunity for growth and change. Like the ancient symbol of the snake devouring its own tail, we can choose to stay stuck in the negativity of our past, our stories, our judgements and our victim-hood, or we can break free of this karmic wheel that perpetuates the cycle of suffering. It is time to Heed the Call of the Great Quest, and to step deeper into our purpose and calling. Each of us has the power to heal the past, to heal our wounds and to reclaim the pieces of our childlike selves that were too pure and too light for the old world.
It’s time to wake up, the planet needs us, the world needs us, We need us! You are the one you have been waiting for. The wounds and pain you have experienced are not punishments or inadequacies they are gifts awaiting reclamation and redemption.

Join me in Heeding the Call of the Great Quest, and step forward into deeper purpose and calling.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om