the purpose of relationships

"Every time you go through a relationship problem, you actually get to see more of yourself. It's not that your getting to see more about the other person, you're only getting to see that side of you that is hurt, that which wants love, that which wants attention, that which cannot forgive, that which is not accepted, that which feels rejected. It is these things you are getting to see about yourself when going through a relationship problem. This is a healing process to help you grow." - Sri Amma Bhagavan

For most of us, relationships are our greatest challenge in life. They are a source of great joy and great pain. Our relationships with others reflects our relationship to ourselves and to the greater force and field of life. The pain or suffering we experience in our relationships defines and shapes our life experience, our choices and the way we see the world. When we begin to see "the other" as a reflection of our-self as a reflection of the wounds and pain we hold deep within, we begin to see the other not as the cause of our pain but as the guide to our pain. They cease to be the enemy and become a great teacher for us in our journey.

The keys to our healing as individuals exist in our relationship to others. Without them there is no us. When we heal ourselves we step into a place of helping others heal and we rediscover our connection to one another and our interdependence on one another. If we want a more peaceful, sustainable world, we must awaken to this understanding. We must be able to work together, and step into the awareness that we rise together or fall together. This journey begins and ends with you and you alone. Make peace with yourself and you will find peace in the world. It's time to "Heed the Call of The Great Quest." Join us on this 6 week journey deep into yourself and transform the way you see and experience this life!