"One who sees his own truth cannot judge others."

We are constantly trying to be something we are not. We can't accept that we are jealous, that we are insecure, that we are hurt or that we have failed. We justify our actions, judge and blame others, all because we cannot accept these parts of ourselves.

Inner integrity is a tool to see what is happening inside us. It does not judge, it does not condemn it does not offer explanations. It is merely seeing what is going on. As you go inside, you'll discover that there are terrible things inside you, There is fear, there is lust, there is anger, there is jealousy, there is envy, there is no love, there is no connectedness. You'll see a lot of terrible things. You may not like what you see, but then, you must continue to see what is there.

Then you will discover that what is there is not only in you, but in every human mind. Not only in the human mind, but it has always been so ever since man came on the planet.

You will then discover that these are aspects of the human mind. It has been so for millenniums. The mind has not changed. The brain has not dramatically changed for the few millenniums. Fear is there. Desire is there. Anger is there. Jealousy is there, Love is not there, etc. Objects have changed but the structure has not changed. Might have been fear of the tiger earlier on and now fear of the stock market.

You'll then discover that there is no change possible. When the impossibility of change strikes you, your mind falls silent.

- Sri Amma Bhagavan