The Root Cause of Suffering

The root cause of all suffering is the sense of separate existence. We have a divisive consciousness that perceives things as the me and the not me, the mine and the not mine, as my people and yours, as my nation and yours. Having divided all things, we feel threatened by the other. Fear in turn breeds war, conflict and further forms of violence.

Are we then beyond redemption? Are we to remain a bunch of pessimistic philosophers or apathetic on-lookers bemoaning our collective doom? Not necessarily.

We as a race are on the brink of a colossal transition from one of separation to that of Oneness. We would awaken from darkness to light, from untruth to truth. We would realize the oneness of all living things.

Though each of us may live different lives, located away from each other in space and time, we are biologically, emotionally and spiritually one.

There is only one body. What happens to the animals in the seas, happens to us – men and women. What happens to the forests happens to us in our bodies, since our bodies like the trees are made of the same earth.

A conscientious effort at healing the earth would manifest as the ultimate healing of our own bodies.

There is only one mind. This is the mind that has flowed through our fore fathers, us and would in turn continue to live through our children and their progeny. The collective torment or fear suffered by our own brethren in one part of the world would manifest as sleeping or waking nightmares to someone else-where in the world. Our pleasures and pains are interminably interlinked. We are one and cannot continue to live any further in an illusion of separation.

There is only one consciousness. We live in a holographic universe. Every individual, awakening into oneness is automatically affecting a few thousand people pushing them towards the only sane alternative way of experiencing reality.

Our experience of reality having changed we would go on to discovering newer ways of living and loving. We would create a better planet for the present and the future. This is our shared destiny.

- Sri Amma Bhagavan

True Listening

The awakened one listens, the unawakened one hears."

When listening to the other you are paying attention to what is happening within you without judgement. As you are listening, you will feel a want or need, this is what the other person is wanting or needing. True compassion naturally arises from doing this because you experience yourself as the other, their need is now your need. - Sri Amma Bhagavan

Spring Equinox

Hellow Fellow Travlers and Way Fareres, I hope this message finds you inspired and awakened with the energy of Spring.
Spring time is a powerful time to awaken from the illusions that have kept us frozen and stuck in patterns of separation, oppression, survival and fear. What used to be comfortable and safe is becoming increasingly less and less comfortable and we are being pulled forward on the journey to discover and reclaim the truth of who we are. We are awakening from a long history of domination, control and illusion that has separated us from one another, from ourselves and from source. It’s time to Awaken from our past and reclaim our individual and collective power.
Everything in this world moves in cycles. The end of one cycle gives birth to a new one and this time of year provides a powerful opportunity for growth and change. Like the ancient symbol of the snake devouring its own tail, we can choose to stay stuck in the negativity of our past, our stories, our judgements and our victim-hood, or we can break free of this karmic wheel that perpetuates the cycle of suffering. It is time to Heed the Call of the Great Quest, and to step deeper into our purpose and calling. Each of us has the power to heal the past, to heal our wounds and to reclaim the pieces of our childlike selves that were too pure and too light for the old world.
It’s time to wake up, the planet needs us, the world needs us, We need us! You are the one you have been waiting for. The wounds and pain you have experienced are not punishments or inadequacies they are gifts awaiting reclamation and redemption.

Join me in Heeding the Call of the Great Quest, and step forward into deeper purpose and calling.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

Daily Wisdom from the Masters - B.K.S Iyengar

"Whilst performing asanas the yogi's body assumes many forms resembling a variety of creatures. His mind is trained not to despise any creature, for he knows that throughout the whole gamut of creation, from the lowliest insect to the most perfect sage, there breathes the same Universal Spirit, which assumes innumerable forms."

"The Yogi believes that every creature has as much right to live as he has. He believes that he is born to help others and he looks upon creation with eyes of love. He knows that his life is linked inextricably with that of others and he rejoices if he can help them to be happy."

-B.K.S Iyengar - Excerpt from Light on Yoga

Are you ready to Heed the call of the Great Quest?

"Geese are migratory birds. Their migration in the Spring and Fall stirs the imagination and inspires us to seek out new worlds and dimensions. Their honking is an invitation to follow them on the great spiritual quest, a journey that hints of fulfilled promises and dreams which only great quests can bring." - Ted Andrews

I hope you are all feeling the Full Moon/Spring time energy stirring within!
This is an important time of year to revisit your vision and goals for the coming Summer and Fall. The seeds you want to manifest will need to be planted soon. Its time to re-ignite the energy within and take action toward your purpose and calling.

Are you ready to Heed the call of the Great Quest?