P3 People Pod cast from 8/24/ 2015
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Earthflow Yoga is a system of healing designed to elevate consciousness in people and planet.  Using the tools of Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation and Evolution, Earthflow Yoga aims to identify, heal and integrate old limiting ways of being in the world to promote greater health, happiness and peace on the planet.

In order to heal the planet we must first heal ourselves. Just as in Nature we undergo a process of evolution and extinction the same process occurs within our consciousness. We are at a time in our evolutionary process where we have an opportunity to choose what behaviors, beliefs and perceptions are serving us and which ones are no longer working. This process is as old as the earth itself and requires great courage and humility. Earthflow Yoga is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses seek out and embody more conscious ways of living, relating and being. Life in all forms lives within the microcosm of our bodies. We come to know ourselves through our relationships and through our experience in the world. If we want more peace in our lives and in the world, we must see our darkness and our light, our pain and our joy. The evolution of consciousness begins with each one of us choosing to step forward in our lives in greater consciousness and purpose. Earthflow Yoga invites you to join in this mission and vision.